August 2012
The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 1% of its value this week as news surrounding the “fiscal cliff” continued to mount. To the contrary, the 15-51 strength Indicator gained 1.5% and gold rose more than 3%.  Here’s the year-to-date picture. The Dow and gold have been in a street fight for most of the year. One indicates...
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“The market” continues to tiptoe towards the action zone’s high point. The Dow Average is up 8% for this year despite lackluster economic growth and poor Market fundamentals. Stock market strength is up 34% year-to date and gold is keeping pace with nominal GDP, up 3%. Here’s the picture. For the most recent twelve months, the DJIA...
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I’ve been following the facebook scandal since before the stock hit the street. In Facebook Flop, Too Big to Succeed, I said “IPO’s commonly find their way into mutual funds. So if you own a mutual fund you might have lost a few bucks on facebook and don’t know it [yet]. That’s another hidden cost of pooled investment...
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