Making Money

Is Simply Making Money Good Enough?

Answer: No.

Reason: If your lifestyle costs you $25 per hour for 40 hours per week to live paycheck to paycheck then a $10 per hour job will throw you into bankruptcy – even though you are still making money.

Simply making money is not good enough whether you are working or investing. 

100 million Americans own on average four (4) mutual funds, and more than half purchased their first fund more than 20 years ago. They own funds in such quantity not because they are great investments – because they’re not – but because they believe mutual funds are the only viable option.

Not true.

It is no secret that the vast majority of mutual funds fail to achieve “market returns” as defined by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500. By definition, therefore, mutual funds are below-average investments.

Today the average mutual fund owner has $150,000 invested in a portfolio of funds. Twenty years ago it was $100,000. So in twenty years their fund worth increased by 50%. At first glance that looks pretty good. But 2.5% per year ROI (50% divided by 20 years) stinks when inflation has averaged 2% per annum. In other words, mutual fund owners routinely earn savings account type returns while taking stock market risks.

At that terrible rate it would take 144 years to double invested capital — while “the market” doubles every 18 years on average.

My 15-51i portfolio averages 29% growth per year after inflation, and thereby doubles every 2.5 years in Real terms.

Investing is not about simply making money. It’s about building and accumulating wealth — and my method delivers faster, more robust returns than the Market Averages, and therefore, more the vast majority of all mutual fund sold on the market today. 

Start charting a new and more profitable course today!

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Who’s Best to Manage Your Money?  

All too often investors rely on their broker or financial advisor for total guidance through the investment process. They are the “experts”, after all.   

But that’s a dangerous proposition.

The investment industry is filled with well-trained, highly-skilled, white-collar con-men who feed on unsuspecting prey. Let the real life story of Bennett Broad serve as proof positive.

Stockbroker Bennett Broad was featured in a December 2014, Wall Street Journal article entitled, Wall Street’s Watchdog Doesn’t Disclose All Regulatory Red Flags.

To make a long story short, the Wall Street establishment created and funds an advisor oversight organization called the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or Finra. Finra’s mission is to provide investors a means of researching the credibility of their broker or financial advisor.

Did I mention that Finra is an industry funded organization?

Low and behold, the Wall Street Journal reports that 38,400 brokers have regulatory or financial red flags that don’t appear on Finra – and Bennett Broad is just one example. Broad, a 35 year veteran of the Wall Street game, has “faced 25 customer complaints involving alleged trading abuses, with 15 ending in payouts to clients.” His entire Finra rap sheet can be found here.

What’s really amazing is that men like Broad are still allowed to work in the industry. Heck, the industry is littered with them.

That is to say that the Wall Street establishment created a watchdog agency that buries a lot of criminal activity and disregards the rest. As a consequence, the Wall Street establishment employs too many people who have absolutely no right or credibility to manage other people’s money. And Wall Street doesn’t care about it, for if they did Finra rap sheets would actually mean something.

But they don’t. And the reason for that is simple.

There are three undeniable truths with investment:

1) mutual funds stink; 2) no one can do a better job managing your financial assets than you can because no one cares more for your financial well-being than you do; and 3) the only reason you think that you can’t invest your money successfully is because the Wall Street machine has convinced you of that falsity.

And because the entire Wall Street mantra is built on contradicting those three irrefutable facts, fraud and deception become necessary techniques for the job. As a result of that sad state, unethical people are naturally drawn to the opportunity that Wall Street presents. Their seedy culture was well-chronicled in the hit movie, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, which was written about a slimy broker named, Jordan Belfort, who scammed millions before being sent to jail. He may be gone from the industry for now, but his practices remain.

What to do?

Take control of your financial future.

You see, you are the perfect financial manager for you. I am absolutely sure of it. And the reason I’m so certain is because I know how easy it is to invest successfully. In fact, beating the market by big margins – and thereby outperforming every mutual fund sold on the market today – is pitifully easy to do, and much cheaper than funds thanks to free trading by almost every platform. 

And I can teach you to do it.


My 15-51™ method is easy to understand, simple to use, and consistently produces superior investment results – with less risk. Find complete instructions in my award winning book, LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY. Readership is supported by me personally, right here.

You have nothing to lose but lackluster performance and high fees. 

If not now, when?


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