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Chapter 1 - Lose Your Broker: Step One in the Investment Process

Want to know what to expect with Dan’s revolutionary investment guide? 

Take a peek inside Chapter 1, where Dan shows readers how easy it is to outperform “the market” — and the pros on Wall Street. In what is a microcosm of the investment process, Chapter 1 is just a small sample of what you can expect from the rest of his award winning book. 

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The reason most investors are reliant on the Wall Street establishment is not because they don’t have the time and ability to invest successfully; it’s because they don’t know they have the time and abilities to invest successfully. 

Only 5 things are required to invest successfully on your own:

  1. Basic math skills
  2. Common sense
  3. the Experiences of your life
  5. and the Will to do it

You can do this!

Most Commonly Made Mistakes by Investors:

  • Most don’t understand how to properly assess the current market condition
  • Most don’t employ a winning method of allocation that produces powerful results
  • Most don’t employ a disciplined Buy Low, Sell High strategy
  • Most remain fully invested all the time, making it impossible to Buy Low, and thereby transforming the winning strategy defined above into one of, Buy When Possible, Sell as Needed — and that’s not cliché

LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY covers it all in a step-by-step guide that is easy to understand, simple to do, and consistently produces superior performance results. 

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With the 15-51™ system only 15 stocks are needed to create a well-diversified portfolio that will greatly outperform every mutual fund sold on the market today. So stop paying exorbitant management fees and start taking control over your future now. It’s easy – and guaranteed!

Industry & Reader Reviews:


From Industry:

“As convincing as it is successful.”
– CBS Connecticut

“Well written and interesting…fact based and logical.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Very crucial topic, very crucial book!!!”
– GoodReads


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“Dan, You are the best…So glad I found you.”

Lawrence E.

“Your guidance is much appreciated!!!  Thank you!”

Lisa M.

 “Dude this is PERFECT.”

Cort D.

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Chapter 1 - Step One: Lose Your Broker: Step One in the Investment Process