Dan’s Point of Difference

The centerpiece of Dan’s award winning effort is his patent-pending stock allocation system called 15-51™ that enables investors to achieve market diversification with just 15 stocks. Based on mathematical and historical fact, Dan’s innovative approach makes investing easy to understand while producing the kind of returns investors have thus far only dreamed about. You can do it!

Don’t Get Blindsided Again!

With the 15-51™ system only 15 stocks are needed to create a well-diversified portfolio that will greatly outperform every mutual fund sold on the market today. Stop paying exorbitant management fees and start taking control over your future now. It’s easy – and guaranteed! 

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Knowledge is the foundation of success. Dan’s method is grounded in basic logic and common sense, and is backed by history, fact, and mathematic. It’s easy to understand, simple to use, and consistently produces superior results. Guaranteed.


See the performance you can expect with the 15-51™ system! Dan’s portfolio routinely outperforms the markets by more than 600% over the long-term – and you can do it too! Click on the image to see the proof.


Dan makes good on his chapter 8 guarantee by personally connecting with his readership to answer questions and coach members through the investment process.

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