September 2013
Yields retreated significantly on the Fed’s recent announcement that it will likely keep its QE program rolling until January 2014 – the same time, coincidentally, when Chairman Ben Bernanke is scheduled to retire. (What a coward. A courageous man would begin untangling the mess he created before he left office. Instead he’ll leave that task...
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Oh what a difference a week makes. Just one week ago President Obama had virtually no way out of the mess he was about to create in Syria. But then on Monday, Russian leader Vladimir Putin gave him one. Putin is no fool. He knows that many Americans vehemently oppose U.S. military action in Syria,...
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Bond values continue to fall while stocks and gold hold steady amid an awful display of government mismanagement – action in Syria seems likely, the economy continues to limp along, and large government programs continue to produce results contrary to their stated objectives. First things first; recall that President Obama was against the Iraq war...
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