April 2014
Two companies have recently made drastic changes to their corporate identities via stock splits. On April 3, 2014, Google issued its first stock split, a 2 for 1 affair that saw the creation of a new class of stock and symbol. Google will now trade under two symbols: GOOG and GOOGL, both around $525 dollars...
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What’s the problem with low yields? They encourage more borrowing, lower the costs of business expansion, and in theory, create inflation – as the increase in debt (a.k.a. the amount of spending that income does not fully cover) produces upward pressure on pricing because natural demand has been inflated by the amount of new debt. So...
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Stocks seem to have flattened out since reaching their December 2013 pinnacle. Sure there was a minor sell-off in January, but stocks have recovered from that. The point to takeaway from current stock market valuations is this: the average has been unable to top the performance of the economy (total market activity). See below. A...
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