“The market” is up about 9% in the past twelve months.  But it doesn’t feel like it. Recent volatility makes it seem like a terrible year. Of course, most mutual funds don’t produce returns close to the DJIA. Mutual funds aren’t built for performance. They’re built to make Wall Street a lot of money. 

In LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY, I demonstrate successful investment by building a portfolio called the 15-51 Indicator (see its long term performance trend here), or 15-51i for short.

The 15-51 Indicator is an above-average portfolio. Built on the strong foundation of my patent-pending 15-51 stock allocation method™, the portfolio consistently outperforms the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Stock selections were made using the method outlined in my book.   The 15-51i is an above-average portfolio — not a great portfolio. The purpose of that portfolio is to indicate how stock market strength is performing and to produce above-average returns.  It’s not intended to be a standard for greatness.

The Dow is an average portfolio, and therefore produces average returns — which over the past 12 months is 9%.   This, by definition, is “average returns.” 

The 15-51 Indicator is above-average. It produced a 33% return – that’s 349% better than the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year. Here’s the picture.


That’s what strength looks like.  It’s above-average.

And that should be your goal.  Aim high.  Beat the 15-51 Indicator.

Read my book and then use my portfolio builder to assemble a stronger portfolio than what your broker threw together.  Instant charting will show you how your portfolio performed over the past 1, 5, 10, and 15+ years.  See the amazing results!

It’s time to Lose Your Broker.

PS: And contrary to what Wall Street would lead you to believe, past performance is indicative of future results. Above-average consistently outperforms average construction — in the past, present, and future.

Enjoy your weekend!