It wasn’t long after Donald Trump gave one of the most unique inaugural addresses in the history of our great country that pundits like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow likened him to Hitler. I wonder if those two knuckleheads have ever read even a few pages of Mein Kampf.

To refute their utter nonsense I ask this: Would Hitler ever say, “When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice,” as Trump did during his inaugural address?

Of course not.

And since when is placing America first a bad thing?

It’s hard to take the American Left seriously.

Several years ago I walked into a meeting in Chicago and an owner of the company was holding a bust of Thomas Jefferson. He was taping his favorite Jefferson quote to the base of it. Jefferson was his favorite he said, and then asked me what I thought of the icon. I said, “Jefferson was brilliant, a smart liberal.” He smiled and nodded.

The debates back then were for big, complicated issues. The banter between Hamilton and Jefferson on things like a national bank and currency were epic, brilliant arguments. And while Jefferson never shied away from dirty politics he never put forth a naked stance. Deep thought and legitimate tenets always backed his policy stances.

But that is not commonplace with today’s Left. Rarely to do They engage in debate of deep thought. Their way is always the correct way because They say so; and their opposition is always wrong because they always want some type of destruction – because They say it is so. Not because it is, in fact, so.

For example, because Trump and Republicans want to repeal the disaster that is Obamacare (simply look at its performance results for proof of failure) and replace it with something that could possibly work (see: Gruber Acknowledges Supreme Letdown for my 12 point plan) they are somehow illegitimate. But instead of legitimate policy debate Democrats resort to demagoguing their opposition with insidious one-line slogans like: Republicans want to “Make America Sick Again.”

Kool-Aid anyone?

Because they are liberal they can say whatever they want, regardless of factual basis, and without impunity.

But the other side can’t.

If someone merely disagreed with an Obama stance they were immediately labeled a racist.

A difference of legitimate opinion does not a racist make.

For instance, if a person called Obama a communist then they would have instantly been labeled a racist. Yet according to Obama’s own words in the AUDACITY OF HOPE, he was greatly influenced by “the radicals, the communists.” It only stands to reason that if communists greatly influenced a person then that person might actually be a communist. Whether or not the person was an actual communist is irrelevant. The point is that an actual legitimate basis for the accusation exists.

And for the record, a person cannot be a racist if they believe Obama is a communist. An example of racism would be if a person believes that all black people are communists – and that their belief system is superior to communism. For instance, if a person believes that all black people are capitalists and that capitalism is an endearing position then that person is not a racist. They are a fan.

The far Left in America, the hypocrites that claim to be tolerant and inclusive, are the first to shout down opposing views and demean their opposition as stupid, racist, or fascist. When they lose they are the first to claim foul play, riot and destroy property, and pursue changes to protocol and law to destroy the opposition.

To intimidate with force rather than to persuade with fact and logic are tactics and practices of communist and/or fascist regimes. And governors who do not condemn such practices are either communists or supporters of communists.

This, not to mention, that every major piece of major legislation passed in the Obama years was rammed through Congress by one authoritarian party and with no inclusion of the minority. That was when Democrat congressional positions included things like, “We won and you lost,” and “You have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

A legitimate argument can be made that Democrats are the true communists or fascists practicing in America.

But instead Trump is being billed as that radical – and he has done none of those things or presided over an administration that has excluded the minority party from the legislative process. I’m not saying that Trump will or won’t do these things. I’m just saying that he hasn’t done them yet. So to call him “Hitlerian” like Chris Matthews did is liberalism at its worst – as is describing Trump’s address as “militant and dark,” as Rachael Maddow did.

So why do I go down this ugly political road in an investment blog?

Because governments control markets – and this ladies and gentlemen is your government and its operating environment.

Trump had an extremely positive message for the America People, American jobs and industry, and American security. But implementing such an ambitious agenda will not be easy with an opposition Party that looks to be doubling down on their failed tactics and inferior agenda. This is not to mention that Trump also has to fight a pathetic and fragmented Republican Party who has sold out the American People so much over the last two decades that it won’t be easy breaking them out of their bad socialist habits.

Trump’s anti-establishment stance put both Democrats and Republicans on their heels at the inauguration. He blamed them both for the so many failures over the last two decades. Good for him. But that won’t make things easier.

Although Republicans should embrace Trump’s message and change their ways they might not. And if they don’t this can get really ugly, really fast; and then who knows how long much needed reform will take.

Investors must keep their eyes on what this new government is doing. It will set the course for stocks and correction.

I reiterate this condition because it is so very important…Trump’s policies if enacted as pitched will force the Federal Reserve to swiftly raise interest rates. That will strengthen the dollar – even though Trump has recently said that the dollar is already too strong. That’s a quagmire in-and-of-itself. In any event, it is these higher yields that will bring about the next major global reset. It will push European referendums to exit the EU and the Euro will collapse. And the crisis that will follow will infect the U.S. and investors all around the world.

That makes Trump’s first 100 days incredibly important – because it will be damn near impossible for him to get anything positive done once the next crisis hits. Democrats, of course, know this. That is why they are stalling confirmations on his cabinet selections, which of course will delay confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Investors should remain cautious and keep their antennas raised.

It might also be helpful to buckle up the seatbelt. This is going to be a rocky road.

Stay tuned…